by Civil Lust

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released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Civil Lust Salt Lake City, Utah

Civil Lust is Christian Riley and Isaiah Michael.

Their debut album 'Constitutions' releases April 1st 2017


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Track Name: Constitutions
My constitution
is fading I know
but how to define it
how does one grow
so what do we have here
the fading of faith
when all i can ask of you
is to look past my traits
what are you doing
where did you go
my resolution
to make all this grow
look past myself and see
the start crash down
im not asking you
i ascend you now
i align
nearer to me
i don't believe I'm wrong
Track Name: Even Further
weighted down
i fear the one solution
has been repressed
and abandoned by confusion

looked out
and traced
to nowhere at all
to nowhere

assumed and closed
faltered and remembered
the far away
the near

the one eyed calendar
and time dispersed
in many

the profound
sudden divine
delight is far
mourning even further
Track Name: Sign Short
Disgruntled by truth
I meant to ask you
to ask
A sign short of proof
placed by my own thought
as if set by rule

Id hate to lose now
to lose
how easy it is to look down
but how hard it is to lose

awake from inside
deliver your sensations
sewed seams untie

begin to arise
unrest your body
its mine
Track Name: A Man You Will
A man you will
a name that you can change
some letters at your leisure
a real knack to rearrange
minor details
distance by degree
your expected sign of sorrow
won't be repaid by me
forgive yourself
for sleeping
for it was I who couldn't rest
with the thought of you pleading
to a christ you won't confess
pour over what was written
return before its found
and let a dying light shine from you
but when asked don't make a sound

morning was sacred once
mourning it never was worth

longing has limitations
you've run out of dreams
once romantic sentiment
turned ghastly and obscene
Track Name: An Alternate Display
Living in front of future
believed to be concrete
there are ways around the old days
still heavy when weak
a past presents itself
face similar in build
displaying an alternate
that he must self fulfill

I'm alone
i am nobody
understand me
understand me
let me go

birthright skipped the firstborn
a landscape standing bare
to fill by trial and consequence
to still be standing there
create a name of meaning
one that can compare
new age circumcision
to late to reflect or quit

I'm alone
i will be somebody
understand me
i must understand me
i mustn't let me go
Track Name: Receive
Forsake me to your god
I forgot to tend what makes it grow
at the time I was only guessing
by the look you signed in your eyes
had it cited mine

to see where you lie
to see where you lie
I've been blind by your return
and i looked aside
i looked aside

but how unassumed
i waited for again
in align with your light
its colors bleed all the way down
all the way down

i can't not believe in an end that i receive
in an end that i'll receive
in your room by your bedside table
theres a book you're afraid to open

but turn to the last page
turn to the last page
and you'll find my name written
and you can curse it and dot it with an i

that we'll come
to find a way again
and breath in my side
and receive
and receive
Track Name: You'll Leave Me Again
What once was ours
and held so tight
through the restless hours
and sleepless nights
a cold white flesh
surrounds your lips
your crown descends
I've lost my grip

and stretch forth your right hand
you'll leave me again

what haunts me now
when left to stir
not-a-one sweet thought
as you return

and stretch forth your right hand
you'll leave me again